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International Magician Munich englisch

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Ihr Zauberer für Hochzeiten in München und Umgebung
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Your magician for your special event


Your wedding is one of the most important moments of your life. And Johannes Klesper will ensure that it is the most magical day for you and your guests. With absolutely magical goosebump moments that no one will ever forget. Johannes Klesper prepares a completely customised magic show for you that combines magical musical moments, amazement, laughter and, above all, goosebumps.

Johannes Klesper also offers close-up magic (table magic), where magic is performed directly at your guests‘ tables. It is particularly suitable for breaking the ice between your wedding guests and quickly creating great conversation topics. Your guests will not get the opportunity to watch a magician so closely again so soon. Interaction with your guests takes centre stage. Your guests will be thrilled and will talk about this day for a very long time. 

Magic stage show for your wedding from 25 min – 60 min – customised to your needs.

Experience table magic close up: Table Magic is performed directly at and with your guests at the tables – an absolute ice-breaker for your wedding guests that will keep them talking.

A combination of stage show and close-up: Magic is first performed up close at your guests‘ tables and the highlight is a 20 – 30 minute magic stage show at the end. 


A birthday party, an anniversary, a garden party, a confirmation, a special occasion or a surprise celebration on a small or large scale. Whether in German or English, at home or abroad. Johannes Klesper provides surprise moments and will turn your celebration into an unforgettable moment. 


Are you planning an anniversary celebration, your Christmas party, a summer party or a very special customer event with special guests? There is hardly any other form of entertainment that is as suitable for your corporate event as magic. Successful company events should promote the team spirit of your employees and increase their productivity. Johannes Klesper will absolutely inspire and captivate your employees / guests. He creates absolutely magical, amazing moments. Whether a one to three-hour moderation with integration of products, special messages and magical moments or close-up magic (table magic) with direct interaction of your employees at the tables.

Johannes Klesper is always there with his heart and soul and accompanies your guests charmingly through the programme

„What a brilliant magic show! I will never forget this evening!“

„It was amazing! How did he do that? Nobody but me could have known!“

„I haven’t laughed and marvelled so much for a long time. An absolutely professional show!“

„His charming, authentic and very likeable manner inspired and won us all over!“

„Unbelievable. We’ll be wondering for a long time how he did it. What a great magician!“

„If you haven’t seen him, you’ve really missed something. 100% recommended.“

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Magische Momente

Questions and answers about the magician


1. Will the audience be involved in the show?

Yes! Interaction with the audience is very important to me. The audience should experience the magic up close. For me, charming and respectful interaction with the audience is a very important prerequisite.

2. It is a very important event and I don’t want to take any risks. Is enthusiasm guaranteed?

Yes, I guarantee it 100 per cent. With over 20 years of experience as a magician and entertainer, I know how to deal with the audience, as well as different nationalities and cultures, very professionally and how to entertain and inspire people. Trust me, your guests will be talking about this extraordinary day for a very long time. 

3. Is the show varied and humorous?

Yes, my show is very varied and humorous. Performances with light effects, numbers with music to create emotional moments, humorous numbers where there is a lot of laughter, the involvement of the audience as well as mental predictions alternate and thus make your event unique, entertaining and unforgettable.

4. Do you involve the audience / guests in the show?

Yes, that’s very important to me. This makes it a unique event and the audience is part of the whole. A charming and respectful interaction with your guests is guaranteed, so that everyone has a lot of fun at the show and will talk about it very positively for a long time to come.

5. For which occasions can you book the magic show?

For occasions such as company parties, Christmas parties, opening ceremonies, business dinners, to liven up the evening, weddings, birthday parties, family celebrations and surprise parties. The programme is individually tailored to your needs. Whether it’s a stage show, a close-up programme up close at your guests‘ tables or a combination of both.

6. Are you a member of the Magic Circle of Germany?

Yes, I have been a member of the Magic Circle of Germany since 2010, after successfully passing my theoretical and practical exams in front of a panel of experts. I was also the first chairman of the Bielefeld Magic Circle for several years.

7. How high is your fee as a magician?

You want a top entertainer that your guests will talk about for a long time to come. I will make you a tailor-made offer in which the desired programme variant, the length of the performance, lighting and sound requirements, number of guests as well as programme content and sequence are discussed.

8. We have international guests. Can you also perform and entertain in English?

Yes, as I speak fluent English and am very familiar with other cultures due to various stays abroad, I can also enchant your international guests in English. 

9. Do you also perform magic for children?

No. I focus on the adult programme with a mixture of magic with music, magic with a lecture, mental magic, comedy and close-up. However, I am very well connected with the Magic Circle and can always recommend magicians who specialise in children’s magic.

10. Do you also offer an individual programme specially tailored to the private individual or company?

Yes, products, specific topics and messages can be incorporated into both the presentation and the stage show. We also discuss in advance whether one form of magic should be more in focus than others. – For example, more mental magic with predictions or more magic with music to create emotional moments (e.g. at weddings). But the inclusion of people in the close-up area can of course also be specified. This gives you an individual, unique programme that your guests are guaranteed to talk about for a very, very long time.

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